2017 Principles

The Cyber Secure America Coalition believes that the United States needs updated legislation to address the growing and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats that confront both the private and public sectors. We believe that the current Congress must pass significant legislation to improve cyber security in America.

  • We support the development of voluntary flexible security standards for the critical infrastructure.  These standards should be based on existing international standards and best practices.  There should be incentives for implementation, and liability relief for those critical infrastructure industries that participate in such a voluntary program.
  • Enhanced information sharing about cyber threats between the private sector and the federal government is a key aspect of improving cyber security.  Legislation must include liability protection from lawsuits for those that share information in good faith for the purpose of improving cyber security.
  • Mandates to weaken encryption or provide backdoors will negatively impact national security.  It can provide an opportunity for increased cyber crime and corporate espionage.  Mandated changes to current encryption practices will also create an economic disadvantage overseas. Industry and law enforcement instead should work together to legally share data about incidents and potential threats.
  • We support efforts to better raise awareness of the seriousness of cyber threats and cyber crimes. Reporting on the extent and severity of the cyber threat faced by government, businesses and consumers can help spur the use of smarter cyber security practices.
  • We believe that cyber crime should be taken seriously, and computer fraud laws updated. This can and should be done in ways that heighten penalties for serious crimes, while also rewriting penalties for less serious incursions to ensure that they are proportionate.
  • The federal government should support efforts to increase capacity at universities to grow the number of cyber security professionals for the public and private sectors.